The role and mission of the FMSAR are summed up as follows:
  • Defending the professional interests of insurance and reinsurance companies, and coordinating the efforts of member companies for that purpose;
  • Representing the insurance sector when dealing with public authorities, other professional associations and third parties;
  • Bringing legal action to defend its own interests and the common interests of members;
  • Working to improve professional standards, professional training, the development of the insurance sector and, more generally, to improve the service provided to the public by Members and, as needed, form any other organization that may be needed to achieve those ends;
  • Undertaking public and professional communication and informational activities; Collecting and maintaining statistical, accounting and financial data on the insurance sector and sharing it with Members and third parties;
  • Carry out studies and analyses relevant to the insurance industry that can be made available to members and to the public;
  • Structuring professional relationships between Members as well as between representatives of various distribution channels;
  • Organizing alternative dispute resolution methods between Members, and potentially between Members and other players in the insurance sector such as insureds or insurance intermediaries;
  • And in general, doing everything necessary and undertaking any appropriate action in the interest of insurance companies and the insurance sector.